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Do Your Kid's Wardrobe Match Their Personalities?

Being a mother to eight, I have learned soooooo much over the years. Like - each child has their own personality and often their sense of style, obedience, helpfulness (or not), cleanliness, and the like, match that personality.

I recently came across a fun company called FabKids. They have a fun new way to shop based on your child's likes. And right now are offering BUY 1 GET 1 FREE on boots and shoes if you click on this link. And prices start as low as $19.99. Most are around $24.95

When you land on their site, they ask you to answer 6 simple questions about your child:

1. Boy or Girl
2. Name
3. Age
4. Clothing size
5. Favorite Color
6. Pick an outfit she likes from 2 line-ups

And then..... (drum roll) they customize your child's options according to their likes. Pretty fun.
More than one kid? You can set up a shop for each.

I'm not gonna lie - it was a bit of a turn off for me at first that I had to put in information before I could browse their selections. But I pe…

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