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Tria Beauty - SmoothBeauty Laser Review

The SmoothBeauty Laser from Tria Beauty is an at home laser treatment that helps remove fine lines on the face, with a suggested use period of 12 weeks. I've spent the last 4 weeks doing a trial run and plan to finish out the 12 week program - updating this blog once I have.

My Thoughts and Images Of My Progress So Far

WEEK 4: My Nightly Tria Beauty Skin Routine

I am using the SmoothBeauty laser by itself, in the evening, and following with a night cream. I use aloe on my skin in the morning, along with rosehip oil as I have always done. Tria Beauty does offer an Age-Defining Skincare kit as well, and suggest the use of their priming cleanser and finishing serum for best results while using the SmoothBeauty laser. I'm interested in trialing these products with the laser for my remaining 8 weeks to see if there is an increased rate of improvement in my skin.

How Does It Feel? Hot. It feels like a hot little ray going into my skin. It takes …

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