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Home Decor on a Budget: Part 3 - Kitchen Remodel on the Cheap

How We Remodeled and Decorated Our kitchen For Less Than $6000 Let me start by saying this: Yes, we did all the work ourselves. Anyone who has ever hired a contractor knows labor is half the price. That being said, $5000 for materials and decor to remodel an entire kitchen is pretty darn cheap.

How did we do that?  Thrifting for appliances, tile, and lights First off, we created Pinterest boards and decided the basic color palette and look we wanted for the finished product i.e. white tile, white concrete countertops, open shelving, stainless steal appliances etc. Then we started perusing Craigslist, Estate Sales, Garage Sales, Thrift Shops, Used Building Material shops like Habitat for Humanity and the ReStore center to find the things we needed. We searched these sites for about 9 months. It took me about 6 month to find the stainless steel appliances (all on Craigslist) and found them all the same weekend from different sellers.

I do have a set of parameters when buying appliances…

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